Find the circulation on the airfoil.

An airfoil generates a lift of 80 N when operating in a free stream flow of 60 m/s.If the ambient pressure and temperature are 100 kPa and 290 K respectively ( specific gas constant is 287 J/kg-K),the circulation on the airfoil is

Asked on 30th September 2019 in Aerodynamics.
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    Here first we need to calculate the air density.

    \(P=\rho RT
    \\\rho =\frac{P}{RT}
    \\=\frac{10^{5}}{287\times 290}

    On applying Kutta-Joukowski theorem:

    \({L}’=\rho V\tau
    \\\Rightarrow \tau =\frac{80}{1.2014\times 60}

    Therefore circulation on the airfoil is \(1.11\;m^{2}/s\).

    Answered on 30th September 2019.
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