What is all about ASCEND event ?

2022 ASCEND started with NASA, The Aerospace Corporation, SpaceX, U.S. Space Force.

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    With the support of AIAA, ASCEND is a collaborative, interdisciplinary, results-driven community of professionals, students, and enthusiasts from around the world who are accelerating human progress toward an extraterrestrial future.

    ASCEND eventASCEND event

    ASCEND, the world’s leading results-driven, interdisciplinary space event aimed at accelerating the construction of the off-world future, takes place today October 24-26 at the Caesars Forum in Las Vegas and announced the agenda for the 2022 ASCEND Apex event, which will take place online. The three-day program is packed with speakers from leading space organizations and related industries, including Axiom Space, Barclays Capital, Maxar Technologies, MIT, NASA and SpaceX. Through more than 147 sessions across 16 space themes, speakers and attendees will tackle key issues and explore exciting opportunities in low earth orbit and beyond, also involving

    Space Traffic Management and Coordination

    Sustainable Space Exploration

    Outpacing the Space Threat

    Using Space to Protect Our Planet

    A Competitive and Burgeoning Space Economy

    Developing the Space Workforce of Tomorrow

    The Future of Cislunar and Lunar Exploration

    Fortune 500 executives, senior space agency executives, government and military officials, professional and private astronauts, new space companies, international organizations, university professors and students, startup CEOs, and more will give their views and presentations. In addition to the opening speakers, ASCEND 2022 will have over 250 speakers.

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    Answered on 31st August 2022.
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