What is the value of \(c^{*}\)?

A rocket motor has a combustion chamber temperature of 2600 K and the products have molecular weight of 25g/mol and ratio of specific heats 1.2.The universal gas constant is 8314 J/kg-mol-K.What is the value of theoretical  \(c^{*}\) in (m/s)?

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    Characteristic velocity of a rocket motor is given as

    \(c^{*}=\frac{\sqrt{\gamma RT_{c}}}{\gamma \sqrt{\left ( \frac{2}{\gamma +1} \right )^{\frac{\gamma +1}{\gamma -1}}}}\)

    On putting the values we get

    \(=\frac{\sqrt{1.2\times 8314\times 2600}}{1.2\sqrt{\left ( \frac{2}{1.2+1} \right )^{\frac{1.2+1}{1.2-1}}}}

    Answered on 30th September 2019.
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