Aug 17 th, 2022

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Image: Brahmos missile

Brahmos is a medium range stealth supersonic cruise missile. It can be launched on land from canisters, in sea from destroyers or ships and through submarines and in air from  fighter jets. Brahmos is one of the fastest cruise missiles in the world and is the fastest anti-ship cruise missile. A hypersonic version of the missile is to be developed with a speed of Mach 7-8 under the name of Brahmos-II. Mach or Mach number is the speed of an object with respect to sound. Mach 2 means the speed of the object is two times the speed of the sound. Brahmos NG or Next Generation is a mini version of Brahmos which is under development. It will have a range of 290 km and could fly at Mach 3.5. It will be of length 6 m and diameter 0.5 m. This missile will arm several Fighter jets like Sukhoi, Mig, Tejas and Rafale.

image: Land, Ship, Submarine and air variant of Brahmos missile

Brahmos missiles can fly as low as a height of 5 meters and as high as 15000 meters with a variety of flight trajectories and very has a very low radar signature. The propulsion system of the missile is of two stages. First stage is based on a solid-propellant rocket which is used for its initial lift-up and give acceleration and the second stage is a ram-jet engine which is used during the supersonic cruise phase. Its first stage gets separated when the missile reaches supersonic speed. Also, initial rocket acceleration is required since ram jets start to operate only after reaching a certain speed. Ramjet engines do not have any moving parts and are based on airspeed and fuel with air combustion. Also ramjet engines are more fuel efficient. The second stage of the missile takes it to near Mach 3 speed. The Fire-and-Forget missile system requires no input from the operator once the missile is launched. This missile is also equipped with stealth technology and an advanced embedded software system with a guidance system provides it with very special features. 

Image: Hypersonic version of Brahmos missile

The range of the missile is 290 Km , however now the range of the missile is to be increased up-to 1500 Km. Since brahmos is supersonic through its flight, it has a shorter flight time, lower dispersion of targets and it can not be intercepted by any weapon system. The missie can carry a warhead of 200-300 kgs and has a very large kinetic energy at impact. 

Is Brahmos nuclear capable ?

Brahmos is a medium range supersonic stealth missile which can carry conventional warheads. Brahmos is one of the world’s fastest cruise missiles using two stage propulsion, first being the rocket propulsion and second being the ramjet engine.

Is Brahmos the best missile in the world ?

Brahmos is the world’s fastest anti-ship cruise missile at present. Compared to other existing supersonic cruise missiles it has three times more velocity and flight range, four times more seeker range and nine times more kinetic energy.

Is Brahmos hypersonic ?

Brahmos is a supersonic cruise missile which has a speed of Mach 2.8. Brahmos – II is the hypersonic version of Brahmos which will have a speed of Mach 7- 8 and it is under development. The Hypersonic version of the missile will have a scramjet engine.

Is brahmos a cruise missile ?

Brahmos is a supersonic cruise missile. A cruise missile remains in the atmosphere and flies at nearly constant speed. Modern cruise missiles travel at subsonic, supersonic and hypersonic speed and can follow extremely low altitude trajectory of 5 m. A ballistic missile follows a projectile motion and can leave earth’s atmosphere. ballistic missile is powered only for a small amount of time and most of the flight the missile is unpowered.

Is brahmos air to air missile?

Brahmos is a supersonic cruise missile that has a surface to surface variant and can be launched from Canister, submarine launched variant, ship based and air launched variant. Air launched version can be launched from Sukhoi fighter aircraft. 

Can Brahmos missile be intercepted?

Brahmos is the fastest supersonic cruise missile in the world that has a speed of Mach of nearly 3. This missile has advanced embedded softwares, stealth technology and guidance system. Since the missile can fly with supersonic speed throughout its flight it takes shorter flight time, quicker engagement time and lower dispersion of targets making it non interceptable by any known weapon system of the world. 

Does Brahmos have self destruction?

Brahmos has a fire and forget system which means once the missile is launched it can’t be stopped. It does not require any additional input from the operator once the missile is launched. Also the missile has a very high speed and does not take time to hit the target. 

Why is Brahmos named so?

Brahmos is named from two rivers Brahmaputra of India and Moskva of Russia. 

Why is Brahmos deadly?

Brahmos is a supersonic missile with all its flight being supersonic. Also it has stealth technology and has low radar signature and can follow a variety of trajectories. It works on fire and forget principle and has pin point accuracy and high lethal power. There is no known weapon system at present in the world which can intercept this missile. These features make this missile deadly. 

How fast is the Brahmos missile?

Brahmos is a supersonic cruise missile which flies at a Mach number of nearly 3. A hypersonic version of Brahmos is being developed which will have a Mach of 7-8.  Brahmos NG or next generation is a smaller version of Brahmos which will have a speed of Mach – 3.5 is also under development.

How do Brahmos missiles work?

The missile has a propulsion system, guidance system, airframe, wings and fins and warhead. Propulsion system consists of a rocket propulsion at its initial phase and after reaching supersonic speed the ramjet engine starts to work. 

How powerful is brahmos?

Brahmos is fast, accurate, stealthy  and can carry conventional warheads. This missile is un- interceptable by any weapon system making it a very powerful missile.

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