Jun 20 th, 2023

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Chandrayaan – 3 which is the upgraded version of chandrayaan-2 will be launched soon on 12th July from Satish Dhawan Space Center-Sriharikota, India. It is India’s third lunar mission after Chandrayaan – 1 and Chandrayaan – 2. Chandrayan-3 which will have similar and more advanced functionality than Chandrayaan-2 will carry a lander as well as rover. This mission will be carried out by Satellite Launch Vehicle Mark -III.

The launch site of the lander is at the moon’s south pole and it will take around two month’s of time in order to land on the site after its launch. The rover, which is quite small, will carry out some scientific experiments on the moon’s soil near its launching site. The rover will determine the chemical composition of the soil.

The entire duration of the mission on the moon is 14 days. It is a demonstration and testing of the landing capabilities of the lander and rover on the moon. As Chandrayan-2 got little setback earlier this mission will play a huge role in successfully landing the payload. 

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