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This is SpaceX’s final flight test mission which will validate its crew transportation system for operation of crew missions to and from the International Space Station. The launch is rescheduled on 30 May at 3: 22 Pm EDT, from the launch complex in Florida.

[Live] Crew Dragon Demo-2 Mission

Demo-2 launch and ascent flight path

Launch and ascent flying trajectory

ISS Docking

The spacecraft will be carrying out a series of autonomous phasing maneuvers to gradually approach and dock with the International Space Station.

Docking maneuver

Return flight from International Space Station

The Crew Dragon Spacecraft will be capable of staying in orbit with the Space Station for at least 210 days. After the conclusion of the mission Crew Dragon Spacecraft will automatically undock with the crew members onboard and depart the Space Station to re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere and splashdown off Florida’s Atlantic coast, where they will be picked up by the SpaceX recovery ship.

Return flight trajectory

The Demo-1 mission was the first mission for the launch of commercial spacecraft and space system designed for humans as part of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program.

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