Determine the thrust of the turbojet engine.

A turbojet powered aircraft is flying at Mach number \(0.8 \) at an altitude of \(10\; km\).The inlet and exit areas of the engine are \(0.7\; m^{2}\) and \(0.4\; m^{2}\) respectively.The exhaust gases have velocity of \(500\; m/s\) and pressure of \(60\;kPa.\) The free stream pressure,density and speed of sound are \(26.5\; kPa,0.413\; kg/m^{3}\) and \(299.5 \;m/s \) respectively.What is the thrust of the engine?

Asked on 10th October 2019 in Propulsion.
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    Mach number is given as (velocity of the aircraft / speed of the sound).


    Speed of sound is given as \[U_{\infty }={M}{a}
    \\=0.8\times 299.5

    Mass flow rate of air through the inlet is \[\dot{m}_{a}=\rho _{\infty }u_{\infty}A_{i}
    \\=0.413\times 239.6\times 0.7

    Thrust of the engine is given as

    \[T=\dot{m}_{a}\left [ \left ( u_{e}-u_{\infty } \right )+\left ( P_{e}-P_{\infty } \right ) \right ]A_{e}\]
    \[\Rightarrow T=69.27 \left [ \left ( 500-239.6 \right )+\left ( 60-26.5 \right ) \right ]\times 10^{3}\times 0.4\]


    Answered on 10th October 2019.
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