What drone should I get as a beginner?

What drone should I get as a beginner ?

Asked on 12th September 2022 in Others.
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    The best drones for beginners should be affordable, come with instructions, and have important safety features.

    The best drones for beginners are those that are relatively budget-friendly or equipped with crash sensors. Many drones have built-in safety features such as distance limiters, return-to-home functionality, and propeller guards that can help  in dangerous situations. Once anyone knows how to operate the drone and feel confident about flying it, they can try more exciting shots, but recommended is to  start with the tutorials and pre-programmed modes.

    Whether investing in a drone for aerial photography, videography, or even drone racing, some of the best drones buy aren’t as expensive as one thinks. This guide is for people who have never flown before. However, it is recommended to invest a little more in a drone with collision sensors to avoid any unfortunate accidents.

    Note that many of these drones weigh less than 250g. This makes it legally easier in many countries, like the UK, as drones must be registered and, if heavy, tested online. Also, lighter drones typically have simplified operations, giving beginners more room to sharpen their piloting skills.

    Everyone has different needs, but there are some key features to consider when looking for the best drone for beginners.

    Easy to fly?

    The best beginner drone should be the easiest drone to fly. Too much complexity makes it less confident and much harder to master. You want something simple and streamlined so you can fly comfortably.

    Affordable ?

    Every good entry-level drone should be affordable. Don’t break the bank on your first purchase. We recommend that you keep your budget modest, really enjoy flying your drone, and use it regularly to make it worthwhile. That way, you can upgrade whenever you’re ready.

    ‘Plug-and-play’ approach

    This means that the best beginner drones don’t require much knowledge of the mechanics and science of rotors, wings and lithium batteries. Instead, they should be simple and ready to use.

    Intuitive Built-in Safety Features

    The best entry level drone should make you feel comfortable and safe to fly. Equipped with safety features such as GPS, you can return home (where you left off) at the push of a button. Another important feature is OBS (obstacle avoidance). This can  avoid tricky situations and possible accidents when learning to fly.

    DJI FPV Drone


    DJI FPV Drone is perfect for those looking to step into the world of (First Person View) FPV drones. It can fly in two low-speed options to help you get used to new ways of flying, and it has some impressive collision sensors to help you avoid objects. Also, pressing the “Stop All” button will almost instantly put the drone into a stationary hover state. This is very useful if you have just started getting used to it.

    Parrot Swing

    Image of Parrot SwingPARROT SWING

    Unusual niche, but if you’re specifically interested in fixed-wing drones, the Parrot Swing fixed-wing drone is great for beginners. The aerodynamic design is perfect for precise control and offers excellent flight times. The only problem is that the camera is not included. To capture, you need something like a mounted GoPro.

    DJI Mini 3 Pro

    Image of DJI MINI 3 PRODJI Mini 3 pro

    With its tip-resistant and powerful camera, this drone is hard to beat. Mini 3 Pro is an amazing drone. Offers enough photo quality to satisfy serious creators, offers all the smart features found in DJI’s high-end drones like the ability to avoid obstacles and keep flying.

    The Mini 3 Pro has added features. A rotating camera that helps capture people without loss of resolution when cropping landscape images for portrait social media. Other big advantages are the choice of controller (none, standard, or with display) and long-lasting battery options. It feels like pro-level flexibility has reached the ultralight category.

    BetaFPV FPV Cetus Kit

    Image of BETA FPV FPV Citus kit BETAFPV FPV Citus kit

    If you’re looking for an immersive flying experience, the (First Person View) FPV Cetus Kit offers just. You need a traditional radio control, goggles (often analogue), and often build your own drone before learning the types of motors and manually charging the batteries. Sure, some may not be impressed, but it’s cheap and works.

    Parrot PF728000 Anafi Drone

    Image of Parrot ANAFIParrot ANAFI

    The Parrot Anafi is a compact, affordable entry-level drone perfect for shooting 4K HDR video. It features a 180-degree tilt gimbal and a USB-C charging port. Parrot Anafi also offers optional First Person View (FPV) support. These drones are a great option for taking detailed photos, but they hide other cool features behind in-app purchases.

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    Answered on 12th September 2022.
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