Find the gliding distance of an aircraft.

Find the gliding distance of an aircraft flying at an altitude of \(1500\,m\) with a maximum lift to drag ratio of \(8\).

Asked on 3rd February 2021 in Aeronautics.
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    Aircraft starts to glide at an altitude of \(1500\,m\).

    From the figure,

    Aircraft in glideAircraft in glide

    \[\tan \theta = \frac{h}{D} \Rightarrow D = \frac{h}{{\tan \theta }}\]

    Forces in gliding aircraftForces in gliding aircraft

    For the unaccelerated glide, in equilibrium \(L = W\cos \theta \), \(D = W\sin \theta \),

    \[ \Rightarrow \left( {\frac{L}{D}} \right) = \frac{{W\cos \theta }}{{W\sin \theta }} = \left( {\frac{1}{{\tan \theta }}} \right)\]

    On putting the values , to calculate the distance

    \[D = \frac{h}{{\tan \theta }} = h\left( {\frac{L}{D}} \right) = 1500 \times 8 = 12000\,m\]

    Answered on 9th February 2021.
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