How to improve aerodynamics on a car ?

How to improve aerodynamics on a car ?

Worldtech Asked on 15th January 2023 in Aerodynamics.
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    Aerodynamics is the study of science which is related to flow of air. We are all surrounded by air and we live and also take breath in order to sustain our lives. We have made control on water and developed ships and boats in order to travel through water. Similarly we have made airplanes and spaceships in order to travel through air. So with respect to air we can say that it plays a leading role in order to fly in the sky and to travel. 

    We all are surrounded by air and inorder to take its advantages as well as overcome disadvantages we need to know its characteristics. So we need to study the air, and it is aerodynamics. When an object is flying through the sky it is generating two forces, lift and drag. Lift is a force which makes the object fly in the sky, whereas drag opposes its forward motion. So in order to encounter or balance lift we have to weigh the object. In general Lift = Weight . In order to encounter drag, there is thrust which is created by the engine. So drag is countered by thrust or we can say that Drag = Thrust

    On any vehicle including cars, it can experience all these four types of forces. When a car travels at a very high speed it is experiencing all these types of four forces. At slow speed, there is no such effect, however as the speed of the car increases, there is an increase in its degrading effect. 

    First of all the most important is the drag, which has a very large effect on its speed itself. When there is a large speed, there is also a very large drag due to the large flow of air over its surfaces. So, in order to overcome the drag, there are some methods which can be implemented in order to reduce this. Once such a method is about making the body streamlined. A streamlined body has a smoother flow of air around its body, having less drag. So we generally see that the body of a car now has an oval shape rather than the blunt shape like in our earlier days. An oval shape is more streamlined than the blunt shape, so it is  reducing the drag and also increases fuel efficiency. When we have less drag it also means that we will have less fuel consumption so thereby increasing car or engine efficiency.  

    Car AerodynamicsCar Aerodynamics

    Another way of improving the car aerodynamics is by using spoilers at the end, which is also called, the rear deck spoiler. The main purpose of this is to reduce the uplift force which is usually created at a very high speed due to flow of air beneath it. Active air dams are also used on the front side of the vehicle, in order to give the vehicle more stability, and also adjust and redirect the flow of air, in order to have greater fuel efficiency. Lowering of the car height at a large speed also can be used to improve aerodynamics, as it creates a downward force. 

    techAir Answered on 26th April 2023.
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