How urban air mobility work?

How urban air mobility work?

Asked on 13th December 2021 in Aeronautics.
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    Urban air mobility is a system of urban transportation in which people move by air. It is a concept of intracity passenger transport. Urban air mobility includes small drones, electric aircraft and automated air traffic management that along with transport of passengers also include cargo and logistics mission.

    Urban air mobility has VTOL( Vertical take-off and landing) capabilities, which can take off and land vertically in a small area. Most of the designs are electric and in order to reduce noise multiple rotors are used.

    All-electric concepts makes a perfectly suited zero-emission flight operations. Urban air mobility requires air traffic management for new aerial vehicles, air taxis and drones for a safer sky and sharing of skies.

    Unmanned traffic management is required for rapid growth of unmanned aerial vehicles. It is also required for safe practice,  understanding current airspace usage and analysing risk.

    Some urban air mobility concepts:

    Image showing of Airbus vahana"Airbus vahana"

    Image showing of Abhiyaan "Abhiyaan "

    Image showing of Lilium jet"Lilium jet"

    Image showing of urban air mobility concept from Joby aviation"urban air mobility concept from Joby aviation"

    Answered on 7th January 2022.
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