What is AWACS?

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    AWACS is Airborne Warning And Control System. It is a long-range radar surveillance system which detects aircraft, ships, vehicles and missiles. The system is mounted on an aircraft. The main antenna is mounted in a circular rotodome.  It has a 360 – degree view and can detect aircrafts more than 200 miles away.

    AWACS first used pulse-Doppler radar.  Present AWACS uses three-dimensional radar that measure azimuth, range and elevation all together.

    Image showing "AWACS"

    Airborne early warning and control E-2 Hawkeye uses APY-9 radar which detects fighter stealth aircraft using advanced electronic scanning.

    Image showing "E-2D Hawkeye"

    Beriev A-50 and A-50 U “Shmel” uses non-rotating disk radome on the rear fuselage.  Beriev A – 100 uses AESA (Active electronically scanned array) array in the radome.

    KJ-2000 consists of three phased array radar (PAR) modules which are placed in a triangular configuration in a round radome and gives 360 degree coverage.

    Image showing KJ - 2000KJ - 2000

    ‘Netra’ consists of two radiating planar arrays in an active antenna array unit giving a 240 degree coverage.

    Image showing "Netra"

    GlobalEye uses Erieye radar system which uses active electronically scanned array technology gives a 300 degree coverage and has a instrumental range of 450 km and detection range of 350 km.

    Image showing "GlobalEye"

    EL/W – 2090 uses active electronically scanned array radar and consists of an array transmit / receive modules allowing beam to be electronically steered.

    Image showing "EL/W - 2090"

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