What is a Jet lag ?

What is a Jet lag ?

Asked on 8th September 2021 in Others.
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    Jet lag is a human physiological condition that is caused due to quick long-distance trans-meridian (going from east to west or west to east) travel, across multiple time zones.

    Image showing a world map of airplane flightJet lag occurs due to quick long-distance travel

    Jet lag is an issue for frequent travellers, aircraft crew and pilots. Jet lag can cause day time fatigue, sleep disturbances and digestion problems.

    Risk of jet lag is more for those who travel more number of time zones, for those who is flying east as when one is flying east he is losing time than for those who fly west, as those who fly west is gaining time.

    Earth has nearly 24 time zones which is divided by the longitudes. Each longitude is separated by fifteen degrees, and depending on which direction one travels time moves forward or backward one hour for passing on every fifteen degrees of longitude.

    Image showing a world mapWorld map

    Greenwich meridian is the prime meridian and Greenwich mean time is the world’s time standard. Time zones, tend to follow the boundaries between countries and country’s subdivisions than longitude, because it is more useful to have same time in a particular region, and is a standard time throughout the region.

    Jet lag can be prevented by regulating the light exposure and other methods and steps.

    Answered on 18th October 2021.
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